Informational Website

An informational website is essentially an online brochure for your company. Providing such information as, who you are, what you do and your business location. For that reason, an Informational website educates consumers about your company, the products you sell and can provide a brief history of the company, lists applicable licenses, and awards/certifications. It can also be a simple design which is often used to display a portfolio of work.

Websites are the ultimate marketing tool for small businesses to get their company presence on the Internet and provides a place for a potential customer to go without feeling sales pressure. Ideally, an effective informational website is the best soft-sell marketing tool in your arsenal.

The Website Process

A creative team and website developers are assigned to your project. A collaborative meeting is held with the business owner and staff to discuss the website’s purpose and main objective (to inform or share information, to sell a product or service or market a specific product) and to obtain information about the industry and what geographic territory is being marketed. With a firm understanding of the client’s needs, wants and requirements, competitive research and an analysis of the information are performed. We then make suggestions to the business owner about the overall design and potential content for the website. We employ years of experience and website best practices and our proprietary search engine optimization techniques when creating a website.

Website Design Mockup

The process of developing a website begins with a mockup design.  This design will serve as a visual representation of what we propose your website to look like.  From there, we encourage you to make changes to the design.  Whether you want a color to be darker, or the logo to be larger; changes to the look and feel of the design are easy at this phase of creation. Once changes are made and approved the website build begins.

Website Build

With changes made the programmers take over and build your website. Themes are created and integration of content or pictures provided by the owner is incorporated into the build. Original content is written, and the beloved design changes are also implemented along the way. Once the site has been created and quality control has tested the site and worked through any problems the site it ready for review by the client. With the build complete and approved we move to the final step of setting up the website on a host site.

What Is Website Hosting?

The best way to explain website hosting is to relate it to a storage unit. To illustrate, the files that comprise your website have to be stored on a server that stays connected to the internet at all times.  This connection, commonly referred to as the “up-rate” for your website is essential for many reasons, but two of the most crucial include ensuring that customers can view your website when they want to and that your email that is linked to your domain name is obtainable. Beyond Graphic Design only works with reputable hosting companies such as Godaddy and Hostgator.  Ensuring your website remains live on the internet.

Ready to be Found on the Web?

Once the site is launched the process of optimization and analytics of the site’s performance begins. For sites that we host, we will submit a .xml site to the major search engines Such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Additionally, our services include site management (maintenance and updates) and ranking analysis.

For more information about the creation of an Informational Website or any other our other services, please get in touch with us. We can be reached by telephone at 703-357-3122.

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