Knowing the history of the Internet and the World Wide Web doesn’t mean much. Knowing what it can do for you in marketing your product or service online is crucial. eMarketing or online marketing as it is known can reach a vast number of customers who perform internet searches so frequently an accurate statistic hasn’t been recorded.

eMarketing (online marketing) is a set of tools and methods used to promote products or services through the internet. The promotion of a product or service is achieved through a broader range of marketing components than conventional marketing due to the added networking ability and marketing methods on the internet. The process of marketing on the web varies by business type and their unique customer base. Knowing how to market your product or service to a broad web-based audience using the creative means and methodologies of the internet is where the service of Beyond Graphic Design is essential.

What is the Buying Process?

Consumers these days perform searches on the internet as one of the initial stages of the buying process. The buying process begins with a need or want for a product or service. The consumer then makes a search on the World Wide Web where the process of evaluating their choices begins. Once the consumer has honed in on the product or service they want they then seek a provider. Then the buying stage begins. The purchasers’ decision, on where to buy and from whom, can be based on the availability of a product, how soon it can be delivered or how quickly a repair can be scheduled, etc. Knowing what your potential customers may be searching for is vital and is known as a keyword search.

Where to Begin

If you’ve never had a web page, start by selecting a web address (your URL) that clearly tells a prospective client what you’re selling or who you are. If you are a small business selling used books your selected domain name might look something like www.affordableusedbooks.com.  Right to the point, we sell affordable used books.

You then attempt to register the domain you’ve selected only to find that someone else is already using that domain. You would be presented with similar alternatives and might be willing to settle for one of the proposed options. Please Don’t.

The best-laid plan doesn’t always start out quite the way you planned. Regroup and think before you act. You are selecting the beginning of your “brand on the internet.  There are steps to follow when choosing your domain name. Here are just a few:

  • Give it some real thought – come up with at least four keywords that describe your product or service and add relevant text. In the example, we chose www.affordableusedbooks.com your list options might have looked something like this: cheap used books, inexpensive used books.
  • Make the domain distinctive – do not attempt to fashion your domain name to an already established, ranking site. You could be heading for real trouble and possible copyright infringement.
  • You want to make it easy to remember/type – don’t try and get too clever; your goal is to describe what you’re selling at the same time make it easy to remember. Repeat business makes up a large percentage of small business revenue. Make your domain name easy to type. You want your prospective client to remain your customer and not end up somewhere else.
Want more helpful tips on selecting your web address? Here at Beyond Graphic Design, we have guided numerous small businesses through the process of starting their brand on the worldwide web.

How to be Found

A website, from the selection of the URL to the development of a marketing strategy and the creation of a website itself, is only a small select segment of what makes up an optimized website and represents only a small portion of the process of eMarketing.

Knowing what type of site is right for your particular business, whether it is an eCommerce website or an Informational website are additional elements that need to be well-thought-out. Search engine optimization and staying up to date all the latest search engine algorithm releases is yet another property of an optimized site.

Choosing how to rank is another aspect of eMarketing. Ranking organically is ideal from an expense perspective. Using pay-per-click campaigns is an alternative, but there are added costs to consider. The use of directory listing, social media, email and video marketing are other options to consider.

Need more information on eMarketing, need help setting up your domain or hosting your website.  Get in touch with us and let us take you through the process.

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