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Advertisement design is a specialty of our founder’s, Michele Rathbun, Graphic Design career.  From local restaurants to large fast food chains, home repair to home builders, and doctors from every specialty; over the last 18 years, it’s safe to say Michele has designed ads for just about every type of business.  She has a keen eye for spatial proportions and color.    As an advertisement design specialist, she creates ads that appeal to consumers and entice your target audience to purchase your products and services.

Our Process

We begin our process with a conversation.  It’s important to know our client before we start to create your visual representation.  We find what inspired you to start your company, what areas of the industry is your focus and who you feel represents your target audience. Only after we understand who you are can we design the ad that best describes your company and relay a clear, concise message to the consumer.

Additionally, for well-established businesses, we also review your current marketing designs and assist with implementing new ideas to improve your existing brand awareness.  We will work with you to development advertisement design concepts that are focused on your long-term business goals. Your goal could include reaching a target audience for a new product or service. It could also include displacing or taking business from an industry leader. Our objective is to create a brand that is eye catching with a memorable theme that will be remembered for the product or service you sell. With the creation of customer awareness and loyalty, your clients will think of your company first when they begin the buying process.

 The Visual Psychology Of Advertisement Design And Consumers

Consumers are bombarded with over 800 advertisements each day. And to a point, we have become desensitized by this overwhelming mass of advertising.  Consumers want the message to be quick and precise because they don’t feel as if they have time to figure out what your company is selling. When advertising in a magazine or newspaper, you have 2 seconds to make an impact on the consumer to “hook” them and make them want to review your ad further.  To do this, you should make your ad clean and airy.  Do not clutter your ad with too much information, its ok to leave the consumer wanting more.  By engaging the reader with just enough information to contact you it enables your company to give them a more personal in-depth sales pitch.  It also allows you to begin building a relationship with the customer.

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